Kaiser Foundation Releases Insurance Premium Calculator for Individual Subsidies

The Kaiser Family Foundation, KFF.org, has released an online calculator for individuals who are contemplating purchasing health insurance through the exchanges, or, as they are now being called, the marketplaces.  The individual puts in his or her 2014 income in US dollars, the number of adults and children under age 19, indicates whether he or she is a tobacco user, and submits.  The calculator then provides a report on eligibility for insurance subsidy, which level of insurance plan (the calculator is built on the silver plan, but there is a bronze–less expense, less comprehensive–and a gold plan offered in the marketplaces), and how it’s calculated.

The updated calculator is just one of the interactive tools available on the Kaiser Family Foundation’s newly redesigned website. The website also provides summaries, explanations and analysis of the health reform law and its impact, as well as polling data, relevant research, and news from Kaiser Health News, the editorially independent news service established by the Foundation.

This is an early step in the educational process of individuals on how to use the new insurance exchanges/marketplaces and what they can expect.  Providing explanations of how the insurance subsidy is calculated and on what level plan is a good beginning, as people are asking questions.

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