Health Engagement Is the Cornerstone of Better Health Outcomes

Aligning goals between patient and system delivers a better health outcome

Patient engagement has become the buzzword of many in the health care field.  But if we are to truly manage health outcomes, then our focus must be on the HEALTH of the person and the system, not the health care of each.

Why Focus on Engagement?

The Center of Health Engagement is a repository of information for users of health care, including the financial and emotional impact of higher engagement, attention to detail and preferences in patient needs, and measuring the costs of getting to goal.

What You Will Find and How to Use this Site

Nayer is a recognized leader in health innovation.  Using her wide range of competencies and coupling these with a stellar list of value-based frameworks for your use, case studies of early successes and references, she brings a wealth of knowledge and, uniquely, experience to the health care reform spreading across the US.  Feel free to share the posts, send questions and comments.

Nayer speaks frequently and fluently on the need for consumer engagement in health management, putting the person in the role of CEO of health.  Health is more than the clinical measures of patients, but must include the financial, social, emotional, and employable well-being of people.  Relationships with key providers are essential, and trust is the key to better outcomes.  Engagement is the buzz word, but People are the Recipients, Managers and Owner of health.

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