YOU Are the CEO of Your Health

You are the CEO of your health in Nayer book

A book I wrote in 2008 began with these words… You are the CEO of Your Health.  That’s the phrase I used in 2007, in the first book I published to improve health engagement:  LifeTips 101 Health Management Tips (Apr 15, 2007).  Not a sexy title, but useful.  It was … More

A Week of Music and Health Quality

Stevie Wonder's concert Songs in the Key of Life

Highlights from Stevie Wonder and the meetings of Boston-DC It was a week of meetings, concert, new ideas, gorgeous weather, and finding new friends–a week of quality, indeed.  Here are some findings, some musings, and some encouragement to all who are seeking to build quality and safety into health outcomes. … More

MCOL Thought Leaders: Will ACOs Succeed?

long road to health reform

Nayer serves as one of the Thought Leaders for the esteemed online blog In a recent request, MCOL asked thought leaders to respond to a question on how, when, and if ACOs will succeed. “A number of pundits are citing the systemic failure of ACOs, after additional Pioneer ACOs announced withdrawal … More

Health Value: IT and the Rise of Consumer Centricity

Maslow revised to show IT etc

Value-Based and Consumer-Directed Forces are Putting More Decisions for Care on the Consumer–Will It Work? Accountable care demands that the system sync with the preferences and choices of the consumer purchasing the services. In order to get to real health value, consumer-patients must make the health care decisions that improve … More

CIGNA Survey Links Health-Wealth

cigna health wealth survey

Just in time for choosing the health plan that works within the budget you have Cigna just released a survey and new page for benefits enrollment.  Cleverly done, it shows the connectivity of health to wealth.  While it doesn’t mention consumer centricity, it clearly says that consumers are fearful of … More

Patient Portals: Survey and Use

survey shows patient portal use and knowledge

Patients Are Not Using the Portals, and Here’s Why As a staunch advocate of patient access to electronic health records (EHR), we highlight this survey because it shows the gaps in knowledge and use of patient portals.  The use of portals is required in meaningful use law, a part of … More

A Roadmap for Patient and Family Engagement

hands cupping family

Excerpt: 5 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Build Better Health Outcomes Recently a good friend, #CaseyQuinlan, shared a brave new document online:  A Roadmap for Patient and Family Engagement in Health.  It is a document for providers, patients, families, communities–88 pages of wonderful info.  I’m excerpting the 5 … More

Richard Branson: Creating a Mission

Innovation is essential to health care reform

THE CEO of Virgin America Shares Insights on Missions, Whether to Mars or… “When you are deciding on your company’s mission, it is better to be vague about the final destination, remembering that the journey is the point, and your goals will change and grow. The road may be long … More

Mina Bissell: Ted Talk on Cancer Research

Mina Bissell Ted Talk on cancer research: Context

Breast Cancer Expert Says Context Causes Cancer Cells to Change Behavior If you’ve ever said, “We just aren’t getting ahead in this one area, what could we be doing wrong,” I offer to you Dr. Mina Bissell.  I found the talk at the recommendation of a woman who keeps influencing … More

HIX: Narrow Networks

Thank you to Health Insurance Marketplace Newsletter and MCOL for highlight

There are some stellar folks commenting on narrow networks, and you’ll enjoy their points of view.Remember you can sign up for subscriptions to the excellent and provocative Health Insurance Marketplace News here.  HIX Newsletter includes Nayer on Narrow Networks