A Kiss is Still a Kiss, Even in Pharma

Cyndy Nayer co-authors this post with Leonard Kish of Viva Phi. The kiss in the song from classic movie Casablanca is, at its essence, the seal of approval on a relationship. The kiss symbolizes shared reward (love, potentially) and risk (two souls who share a common set of values but now … More

Viva Phi and Center of Health Engagement Join Forces

Better Health by Enabling Better Decisions and Experiences FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VivaPhi and the Center of Health Engagement announce their strategic partnership to define and deliver a networked, learning, and value-based health system.  The partnership will engage in research using health data to develop insights into how health care decisions … More

Getting to Health Value with Social Determinants of Health

by Leonard Kish and Cyndy NayerTuesday, May 27, 2014 Published on ihealthbeat.org We hear a lot about the economic drain of health care, but what we may be seeing is the actual confirmation of the economic power in providing health care. In economic terms, there’s a very high opportunity cost … More

Studying EHRs Can Compare Cardiac Structure and Function

cyndynayer says health care is driving the economic insecurity and HIT are the answer

iHealthbeat.org publishes study that allows comparisons with published research. A study in iHealthbeat.org shows that cardiac structure and function can be searched for, aggregated, and compared to published research on cardiac irregularities in various populations.  Ethnicities, ages, genders and more are used to aggregate the data into groups.  Less than … More

Obamacare ACA Delivers Result

Hospitals see better bottom line, consumers get care, insurers enter the marketplaces Today the Kaiser Family Foundation released several article that show the impact of the first year of the ACA (Obamacare).  Sending out this quick note to drive you to see the positives:   Administration Says Hospitals Will Save … More

Better News on Health Insurance Premiums

Consumer Centricity–teaching workers how to choose efficient and effective care–will be the employer win.   The NYTimes highlights the news on employer sponsored insurance:  premiums have not risen at the expected rate, rather they are staying under 8%, mostly around 6%.  This can change, however, based upon risks and percentage of … More

Value-Based Was Always Quality-Based

Nayer’s response to a blog post on never using the words value-based again. No one is more upset at the twisting of value-based designs than I.  I founded the Center for Health Value Innovation with several others, wrote the white papers and the Leveraging Health book, promoted the website, developed … More

Health Value Does not Exist without Safety, Hope

This infographic is chilling. Gun deaths outnumber the troops killed in combat.

I sincerely believe that without health it’s hard to have hope, and without hope, which includes safety for priorities, health value falls further away. I get up every morning to #buildhealth, for me, for my family, for my worker-colleagues.  Without hope, without health and safety,  the person, the family, the community and the businesses are impacted with a huge loss that is not quantified by claims data alone.  For that reason, I found this infographic incredibly chilling.  Read it.  Do something. #Buildhealth #Buildhope

guns and deaths take away hope, are higher than combat deaths

CVS and Expresscripts Drop Coverage of 50 Drugs


GoodRx delivers the message that some pharmacy benefit managers are dropping 40 or more widely-used drugs, and their lists are not the same. What’s great about this post is that it’s wonderful for teaching folks what they don’t know about medical payment and money flows. This is especially important as … More

Update: Doctors’ Employment Contracts Change

KFF logo for health reform

CMS will start paying doctors for care coordination. Several articles published recently remind us that doctors’ employment contracts are changing.  Mostly, it’s to align the financial incentives with the goals we want to see.  In this case, the value-based realignment is for care coordination. Doctors will be compensated for care coordination … More