TX, FL Have Highest Rates of Uninsured 

Road to Change is a picture of the journey to health reform

States with expanded Medicaid show lower rates of uninsured The rates of uninsured by state just came to my desk. More

ThoughtLeader: Medicaid Exchanges

Nayer’s thoughts on the implications of Medicaid versus Medicare and Commercial plans Medicaid enrollees are growing faster than Medicare or More

Fracking Increases Hospitalizations

one-page summary handout for legislators showing measurable increased health care costs when fracking wells were increased. published 4 year study with public data

A Volunteer Offer of Help to Local Advocates Results in an Economic Revelation Volunteering to turn a new fracking study to More

HITchicks Interviews Cyndy Nayer

HITchicks tweet chat

#HITchicks spotlights the innovation leader’s focus on tech #HITchicks Spotlight: Cyndy Nayer (@CyndyNayer) May 6, 2015   First published on More

Data Independence Day

Nayer adds her face and name to the HHS meaningful use comments of patient portal access in EHR

Can You Get Your Medical Records Emailed to YOU? More

MCOL: Mergers, Impact, and More

Thought Leaders from MCOL

Nayer has long been a thought leader for MCOL       The ACA was created with the intent of More

Aftermath of King v Burwell

health insurance marketplace news

Nayer’s thoughts on the aftermath of the SCOTUS ruling on health care exchanges The Health Insurance Marketplace Bulletin asked many More

TweetChat Recap from HITchicks

what would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Nayer hosted this discussion of interoperability, pay and work equity, and more! It was my pleasure to host this, my More

Florida’s Foolish Medicaid Lawsuit – NYTimes.com

Some Republican leaders are ready to go to great lengths to avoid being blamed for failing to protect poor and More

Health Insurance Marketplace News: High Cost of Drugs


Nayer details new changes in value-based payments and high cost drugs for HIX News  There was great news in the More