ONC Calls for EHR Interoperability by 2017

finding value in the maze of data

It’s feeling like a new energy and focus on outcomes has finally permeated the US ONC unveiled new plans for interoperability of electronic medical records today. Since we all have heard my clear voice on interoperability and the insanity of public programs paid with tax dollars that cannot converse with … More

Obesity and Addiction: Dopamine Derails Success

Dopamine receptors are diminished in people with addiction or obesity

Important facts emerging on rewards, engagement and outcomes I’ve just finished watching a TED talk that supports some of the other findings on the link from rewards to dopamine receptors in the brain.  Two years ago, speaking to a standing-room audience, I pushed the envelope on rewards and incentives in … More

HHS Sets Goals: 30% of Medicare in ACOs by 2016

Quality delivers value and cost effective care

Moving more patients into value-based care and quality-proven payment strategies is imperative In a just-released move, HHS has accelerated the focus on new payment structures for Medicare beneficiaries, responding to President Obama’s goal of 30% of beneficiaries in ACOs (accountable care organizations) by 2016, with a goal of 50% by … More

2015: The Triple A of Engagement

Engage in Health activates in 2015

Posted on The Health Care Blog, it’s the year that people take control of their own health Since 2002, and possibly before, there have been moments of clarity and innovation in the health care sphere, from patient-centered to consumer-driven to value-based to outcomes design, from iPhone texts to wellness to … More

Update on HepC Drugs: Aetna, Humana and more…

#Sovaldi HepC drug from Gilead

Contract Negotiations Drive Down the Price on Sovaldi and More Aetna announced that it has put Gilead’s drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni on the formularies for Hepatitis C coverage.  Humana has put these on their formularies, and Sovaldi is on the CVS formulary.  Prime Therapeutics (owned by many of the Blues … More

Open Data and All Payers’ Databases

health-wealth data and performance

Claims data is not a big enough view of behavior or engagement This is an important post because so many are focused on the all-payer’s databases as a conduit to improved health costs.   The notions of open data and combined payer data must be understood for the importance each … More

Neil deGrasse Tyson Answered ‘The Meaning Of Life’

Sometimes something amazing comes out, like this response from Neil deGrasse Tyson, who answered a six year old boy’s question: What is the meaning of life?”  It’s a question we all ask sometimes.   Here’s the story. Happy Friday. There are some questions humans will never be able to answer. Where … More

Food Security and Health: IOM

IOM infographic on food and health

Determinants must think about food quality, environmental concerns and more In a superb infographic, the Institute of Medicine — IOM– shows how food security and agriculture impact the social, environmental and clinical health of a community.  Because we are broadening our lens to include the non-clinical impacts on health, we consider … More

Survey: Many Providers Charging Patients for Access to Their EHRs

cyndynayer says health care is driving the economic insecurity and HIT are the answer

CHE has been consistent in calling for patient access to EHR We at the Center of Health Engagement [CHE] are very focused on patients getting their health records, holding themselves and their providers accountable for better outcomes, and we’ve documented the movement through surveys for many years. Now, a disturbing … More

MCOL: Nayer Highlights the Open Data Trend for Business

Black hole with butterfly stars (2 stars) on the horizon

Nayer is a Thought Leader for MCOL online, highlighting key concepts and trends “Can you name a trend that has significant potential to impact the business of healthcare that wasn’t on most people’s radar a year ago?” The emergence of the patient as the ultimate health care decision-maker has clearly … More