Viva Phi and Center of Health Engagement Join Forces

Better Health by Enabling Better Decisions and Experiences FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VivaPhi and the Center of Health Engagement announce their strategic partnership to define and deliver a networked, learning, and value-based health system.  The partnership will engage in research using health data to develop insights into how health care decisions … More

Health Value: IT and the Rise of Consumer Centricity

Maslow revised to show IT etc

Value-Based and Consumer-Directed Forces are Putting More Decisions for Care on the Consumer–Will It Work? Accountable care demands that the system sync with the preferences and choices of the consumer purchasing the services. In order to get to real health value, consumer-patients must make the health care decisions that improve … More

A Roadmap for Patient and Family Engagement

hands cupping family

Excerpt: 5 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Build Better Health Outcomes Recently a good friend, #CaseyQuinlan, shared a brave new document online:  A Roadmap for Patient and Family Engagement in Health.  It is a document for providers, patients, families, communities–88 pages of wonderful info.  I’m excerpting the 5 … More

Richard Branson: Creating a Mission

THE CEO of Virgin America Shares Insights on Missions, Whether to Mars or...

“When you are deciding on your company’s mission, it is better to be vague about the final destination, remembering that the journey is the point, and your goals will change and grow. The road may be long and will test you at times, but it will bring your staff together and attract customers along the way.”

I love this message on creating a mission  for the open-ended final goal, calling out the attraction of the right souls to be part of the journey. 

Mina Bissell: Ted Talk on Cancer Research

Breast Cancer Expert Says Context Causes Cancer Cells to Change Behavior

If you’ve ever said, “We just aren’t getting ahead in this one area, what could we be doing wrong,” I offer to you Dr. Mina Bissell.  I found the talk at the recommendation of a woman who keeps influencing my thoughts on out-of-the-building thinking, Dr. Susan Love.  You may know Dr. Love as the outspoken advocate for new research on breast cancer.  She shook up my world and called on my bravery to rethink consumer engagement in health in the early 1990s.  So, when she says, “this is my mentor,” I listen.

Dr. Bissell was frustrated that research was not delivering cures for breast cancer. She was quite sure that cancer cells don’t go off on their own to be tumors.   So she stopped to think about what she empirically knew about the breast cancer cells, and then went back to see what she could learn when she didn’t have what I’ll call “the old microscope” in front of her.  It was stunning. I encourage you to watch this video, notice the slides, and let me know your thoughts, too.  Here’s a present:  one of the slides from the talk, with a quote from Einstein:

Mina Bissell Ted Talk on cancer research:  Context


CHE Newsletter October 10.14.2014

Center of Health Engagement, cyndynayer's blog, newsletter

We focus on #ConsumerCentricity and the Seismic Change That Comes with Wearables… The CHE (Center of Health Engagement) newsletter is out, and it’s filled with new ideas, new evidence, and links to our posts here on the webpage and on blogs around the country.  It includes posts from Disruptive Women … More

US News: IMS Report, Game Changers for U.S. Health Care

Nayer Comments on the Future Consumerism in the Rx Value and Quality US News highlights the IMS Report on game changes in US health care, and Nayer provides some vision and predictions for the article. By Karen Pallarito HealthDay Reporter TUESDAY, Sept. 23, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Imagine if doctors and … More